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The greatest gift we can give our children is the joy of reading. The goal of our library is to spark and ignite a lifelong love of reading by giving them access to many different genres in multiple formats. The fiction section of the library is divided by grade levels giving the children plenty of options within their areas to find something they will enjoy. The non-fiction area is sorted by topic and then Dewey decimal within. Our graphic novel section is, of course, one of the most popular sections in the library with plenty of choices to be found for all. We also have a section encompassing all our grade levels with books written in Spanish as well as some bilingual selections. There are two different audio selection areas, our Playaway choices that include the Playaway device (similar to an MP3 player) with an accompanying book, earbuds and lanyard and our new section of Wonderbook audio picture books that include bilingual selections as well. There is a current event area that houses the months holiday, and topical books. A permanent area for birthday and lost tooth books. There is also a selection of books written by our students. I try to have new and new to us books out as often as I can to spark interest in even our most reluctant of readers. It only takes that one book or one series to create that life-long reader and the earlier that happens, the better it will be for our children, both educationally and for life long fulfillment.


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